I am Surbhie.

I am a Design-Driven-Developer

I am a Design-Driven-Developer with an ounce of experience in executing the projects and products 360 degree, from UI/UX to Development to Quality Check.
Lately, I got a deeper insight into who I am as a person and what do I really want to do. The answer was clear. I wanted to design something, I can develop or manage anyone to develop. But whatever I did, design was always there. Right now, you are at my micro web portfolio and I will make sure you scroll till end. Here is a humble list of what I've learnt over the past 1.5 years and can help you in:

  • UI/UX
  • Website Design-Development
  • Mobile App Design
  • Portfolio Design
  • Product Design
  • Design Talk-Overs
  • Brand Consultation
  • Social Media Creative Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Writing







Social Media



You are so great at it. You were meant for this and this is just the starting. I swear I had that big smile reading the names of the show. I know I have already said it so many times but I am so proud of you and you really inspire me in every sense. Can’t thank you enough for the things you have done and taught me in such a short span.

Awesome dil kush kar dia tumne aaj . That smile wala part that i know you must be smiling now classic tha wo . Life has been so fucked up these days , this was a reliever . Very well articulated . Keep it up !

You inspire me every single time. I have been struggling a lot with lot of things lately and Covid just worsen the situations. I always wanted to learn all this or may be just do something with this plethora of ideas that keeps running in my mind. There is a lot to learn from you. It just feels so good to see your work. It's amazing, I would say it is beyond perfection to me. Personally I am so happy for you, professionally I am jealous. (Just a hint) Hope to meet you in person and talk (We share a lot in terms of thought process I believe)

Do you have magical powers? I mean really! It was like someone is talking to my mind and penning it down. And how? So so beautifully. Take a bow madam.

Loved everything about it from content to aesthetics to images. I had a feeling that you wanted to say something else which you didn't because you didn't want noise of those words. I feel you but I'd say don’t do that.

The point you mentioned about people using a specific music in their transition videos without the relevance to content - oh man what to say, I myself is a creator. I always punish myself for being lazy and not putting my content out there but you kind of highlighted the reason for me its not the laziness, it is the way people abuse a song which makes me fall out of love of it....

Agree with each and every single word you have written.Ditto!!

Loved the blog and keep writing more of these creating insights into everyone’s minds.

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I don't know how but everything was quite relatable again. It's always been overwhelming for me as well. I always have had special surprises from s pecial people yet ended up crying somehow at some point of the day. Girl, you got my heart ❤️

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heyyy brown hearted senior🤎 how you got that ability to make someone's day by your words? waiting for the blog btw!!

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It was great. Would love even more pictures. The last two pictures made my day. Thanks :)

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Yes, as you said, it was quite relatable, short and crisp :) Keep it up!

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Eagerly waiting for the next one.

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Write more, write often. Maybe make your newsletter longer.

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